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What WE offer:

Coaching Blueprint: Building a business that you THRIVE in!
Goal Setting and Mindset, Implement Systems to generate Referrals & Leads, Identify and Track winning weekly Rhythms, Review and Improve.

Automated Top of Mind Marketing:  All marketing shows you are THEIR neighborhood expert.
Weekly Emails, Video Market Updates, Direct Nail
Newsletters, Monthly Blog Posts, Social Proof

Lead Generation System:  Use our proven systems to generate your own leads.
Proven scripts, dialogues and sales
presentations for buyers and seller leads.

Technology and Automation: Leverage your time, Leverage your income, Proven Processes on Repeat. COMPOUND YOUR RESULTS!
Technology included, Smart data, World class client experience.

Moving Services Group: Our experience = Your advantage. Maximum Profit, Minimum hassle.
Project management from start to finish. Completes projects $0 out of pocket, 0% interest, all services paid at closing.

Presentations that Differentiate YOU:  Present like a pro
Listing Presentation, Buyer Presentation, Professional Client Presentation Materials

YOU, Real Estate Rockstar

What is your income goal? 

What % of your business comes by Referrals vs. New Leads? 

Do you have Lead Generation Systems for BOTH Referrals and New Leads? 

How many off-market opportunities is your current Firm providing you? 

What really frustrates you about working with your current Firm and what would you do to improve it? 

What is your biggest emotional fear or changing / selecting a Firm? 

What is the one thing that if guaranteed, you'd join our Firm?

Let's get started!

Establish your best year goals including referral & lead transactions.

Establish and track your weekly rhythms that will lead you toward your goals.

Have fun and sell houses!