Seller FAQ

Here are some of the more frequent questions we receive from sellers:

What is a "Listing Agreement"?

To do the best job for you, we will want to meet with you and discuss your plans. This will include such things as: 

Your financial goals regarding the sale of your home 

  • Flexibility in accepting terms and conditions 
  • Preferred timing for a sale 
  • Disclosure as to any defects the property may have 
  • Details about the positive aspects of the home 

 We can talk about your particular situation in more detail.

What will I need to do to prepare my home for sale?

We highly advise that you have us come preview your property at no obligation so that we can give you our professional opinion on what needs to be done and, more importantly, what does not need to be done to get you top dollar for your home. 

We will create a custom plan based on your home. Each property is different as well as the potential buyer pool for your home, and each requires a different amount of preparation and finesse to wow the potential buyers. That being said, we definitely want your home to sparkle and be the most desired property that hits the market the week you list.

How long does it take to get the home on the market once we decide we are ready"?

It is important to get your listing launch just right, so we usually say to expect one to two weeks once we have met and formalized a plan based on your specific wants and needs.

What if the buyer approaches me directly?

If your home is listed and a buyer contacts you directly, please refer them to us. We would be happy to show them your home. If they have any interest in moving forward with an offer, we can then put them in the hands of a good agent who can help them prepare an offer.

How much notice am I given if an agent wants to show potential buyers my house?

We can discuss your specific needs, keeping in mind that we want to make it as easy as possible for agents to show your home. It is good for you to realize that when agents are touring buyers, they may be looking at several homes in a row. The agent will do their best to arrive at your home in the provided window, but if the tour goes quicker or longer than expected, they may arrive at your home either before or after they have specified. We know it can be difficult, but try to be as flexible as possible.

My baby naps between 10:00-12:00 noon and 3:00-4:30 pm each day. I would prefer to only have my home shown after 4:30 to not disturb his schedule. Is that possible?

Sure, but we do recommend having an alternative napping situation on the weekends when many buyers may be out wanting to see properties. You don’t want potential buyers having to skip seeing what could be the perfect home for their buying needs because it doesn’t fit into Junior’s schedule. The more limited the showing schedule, the fewer potential buyers, the smaller the buyer pool, which generally means a lower selling price.

What if I want to take the chandelier in the dining room and kitchen sink faucet with me when I move? Is there something special I need to do?

You have two options – replace these fixtures now before the home goes on the market or specify these come with the house. In our experience, removing the fixtures you intend to take before the home goes on the market is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and conflict later. Don’t tell a buyer they can’t have something after they have seen it – because then they want it!

What if I don't have extra money to fix anything that the buyer has listed after the inspection?

Fixes after the inspection can be negotiated. However, our advice is to read there quest for repairs from the buyer’s point of view and keep an open mind. There may be small fixes – or even big structural repairs – that must happen before the home is allowed to change hands. Sometimes, these fixes can be paid out of your net proceeds, meaning you don’t have to come up with that money before the sale closes. The challenge with simply indicating that no changes will be done is that it may cause the buyer to walk away and if the buyer walks away, now you have knowledge of your property’s flaws which will need to be disclosed to the next buyer. So keep an open mind and remember, we have options. With all that being said, we actually pay for an inspection ahead of listing it to put you, our seller, in the drivers seat from beginning to end. This way we have no surprises with buyer inspections.

Who pays the agent?

Generally speaking, the seller is responsible for paying the agents for selling the home—the listing office and agent then split that commission with the buyer’s agent and office. Commissions are typically paid only at closing, out of the proceeds of the sale of your home.

We could go on for days! But this should give you a taste of what working with us is like.
For more and to answer your particular questions, please reach out!