How can essential oils keep your family a little healthier this fall?

School buses, soccer practice, dance classes, and homework? It can only mean one thing. Back to school time! So how can you keep your family a little healthier this fall?

As a busy mom, the last thing I need to worry about is keeping my kids healthy. So when I discovered Young Living I knew I had to share with other busy families. Here are a few of our favorite back to school oils that help our days run just a little more smoothly.

Have some sleepy kids in the morning? Throw some Peppermint and Lemon oil in the diffuser to help wake everyone up!

Need a little immunity boost? Put a drop of thieves oil on everyone’s wrist or on their feet before they head out the door each morning. And maybe again when they come home.

Bike wreck or fall on the playground? Pull out the Kids Line Owie oil and rub on a few drops. No stinging and no more tears!

Homework, practice, or dinner time feeling stressful? Put a little Stress Away Oil in the diffuser and calm the whole house down during the witching hour.

Smelly practice clothes or shoes? Throw a few drops of purification oil in the washing machine or put a few drops on a cotton ball and drop inside those soccer cleats over night.

Bedtime? Its time for some rest! Put 3 drops of lavender and 3 drops of frankincense or RC oil in the diffuser. Sweet dreams!

If you want to know more about any of the oils I mentioned here feel free to email Jodi Collins at [email protected]. Grab a YL membership by October 15, 2017 and get a free oil from me! I would love to help your family get started enjoying the benefits of all that Young Living has to offer!

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