We are Thankful and Full of Gratitude!

In a year when everything around us has changed, most of us have become pretty good at adapting. This Thanksgiving will not be like any other holiday we have shared together.

We say this because we have all been stretched to adapt and do nearly everything differently. We visit each other differently; we eat differently; and we even shop for groceries differently. But the thing is, Thanksgiving is about doing the same thing, the same way…every year.

Can you remember the last time a friend or family member tried to put a new spin on a traditional dish? There was at least one person who didn’t respond well to this!

No matter what changes this year, the one thing that shouldn’t change is the reason we celebrate this day together. We break bread together because we are thankful. We are thankful that we are friends; we are thankful we are family; and we are thankful that no matter what, we come together in the spirit of gratitude. Because no matter what we do differently, we will do it differently together and that should never change.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are super excited to have partnered with Tena Pearce-Sherman and team at Handy in the Valley to provide a family a free holiday light install.  On behalf of Handy in the Valley and The Messa Group Real Estate we want to thank our community for all the heart felt holiday light nominations. We are excited to report that a family has been chosen! We will be lighting up the house of a single mom who’s raising 3 young children and we couldn’t be more excited for them. We have such a wonderful community.

Because we were so touched by the submissions, we, along with Handy in the Valley and our amazing friends at Keep it Local Snoqualmie Valley, are going to be helping a couple more of the submitted families in a different way. Stay tuned as we may very well look to our community to help support this effort.

Thank you again so much!!

For a full article featured in Living Snoqualmie, go here: https://bit.ly/3jDoagM