Winter Market Update

Oh boy, oh boy!! Can it be?? The market is starting to closely mimic our market back in 2017/18 with listing review dates and multiple offers once again becoming more and more common!! The record-breaking low inventory and an abundance of eager buyers are definitely helping to create a seller’s market once again.

Luckily, we have record low-interest rates helping buyers afford more for their money!! But wait! Aren’t we headed into a recession sometime soon? The Wall Street Journal revealed only 14.3% of economists now believe we’re in danger of a recession occurring this year!!

So now the questions is, “Is now the right time to buy or sell?” The answer is YES!! As a buyer, interest rates are amazing…and home prices are going to continue to rise! You buyers need to get pre-approved for a mortgage, be ready to make a competitive offer from the start, and be patient.

We just helped a client of ours win a home, going up against 10 other offers! We know how to package your offer right to get you the home you want!

As a seller, in some ways, you’re in the driver’s seat. When supply is low and demand is high, you, as the seller, are in a good position to negotiate. Whether it is price, moving date, possible repairs, or anything else, you’ll be able to demand more from a potential purchaser at a time like this – especially if you have multiple interested buyers. Don’t be unreasonable, but understand you probably have the upper hand.

We just closed on a home we had listed for $25K over list price! We know how to market your home and generate a buzz, causing multiple offers and netting you top dollar for your home!